StyleShoots Live and Vertical

Real models, real garments - combined in a tech-driven workflow

The perfect combination of all-in-one content creation solutions and smart editing technology. POS3D for StyleShoots is a highly cost-efficient end-to-end solution, producing high-quality model images for your webshop at scale. Benefit from ready-to-upload images, enabling you to get your products online faster.

Model photos made with POS3D

From studio to web in 4 simple steps

Create model library

Use StyleShoots Live to create your basic model library

Shoot your models in a multitude of poses in StyleShoots Live. Establish your basic model library according to your needs and brand style.
Shoot clothing on mannequin

Shoot your collection on StyleShoots Vertical

It takes one stylist to shoot your entire collection with Vertical. Dress the mannequin, check your styling progress and shoot. It’s that easy!
Export images to Bright River

Export your images directly to Bright River’s POS3D

Select and directly export your content to Bright River’s POS3D. With just a few clicks, your images are on the way to be edited via the secure API integration.
Publish model photos on webshop

Download and publish flawless model shots

The smart POS3D workflow combines garments and models. You receive ready-to-upload, high-quality model images for your e-commerce platform.
Webshop with POS3D model photos

Why POS3D for StyleShoots?


One day from studio to web

The highly efficient integrated workflow, significantly reduces studio-to-web time, even as fast as four hours.


Increased studio output

It only takes one person to operate Vertical. By producing model images without a whole studio crew, you save lots of time on set.


75 % lower production cost

Using POS3D for StyleShoots lowers your total production costs for model images by up to 75% compared to traditional model photography.


Guaranteed perfect fit

By transferring the garment’s measurements, your products always fit the models accurately - from tight crop tops to oversized sweaters.


Full carousel of images

A single photo taken with Vertical results in an entire carousel of images for your product detail page: Model, ghost-mannequin, and detail shot.


Consistent results

Light and camera settings of Live and Vertical are saved and synced to ensure consistent output over time.


Redefining model photography

With POS3D for StyleShoots, you get all the benefits of model photography at a fraction of the time and costs. The unique partnership combines premium hardware with an intelligent editing workflow into a seamless end-to-end solution for content creation. We help you produce model images at scale with just a few clicks.

Increase your studio output, lower your production costs per SKU

Drastically increase your studio output with our POS3D for StyleShoots solution. Be it for your whole collection or high-volume categories - eliminating the need to shoot all garments on an actual model speeds up your studio-to-web and lowers production costs.
Taking photos of clothing with StyleShoots Vertical
Increase conversions with model photos

Boost your conversion rate with model photography

Showing your products on a model significantly increases your conversion rate. If you’re currently using flat lays or mannequin photography, POS3D for StyleShoots is for you. Experience the positive impact of model photography on your conversion rate firsthand while keeping production costs low.


Real models, real garments

Shooting with real models and digitally combining the photos with your garments produces consistent, hyper-realistic images. In our personalized demos, you’ll discover how POS3D for StyleShoots can help you scale your visual content creation, ace your KPIs, and grow your business in the long run.


Quickly build and update your basic model library

WithStyleShoots Live, you can shoot your models according to your brand guidelines and style. All the garments you capture with StyleShoots Vertical will fit your virtual models perfectly - no need to adapt any settings. Do you want to add new models to your library? Live saves light and camera settings in a preset to keep your content consistent.
Model for library 1
Model for library 2
Model for library 3
Model for library 4
Model for library 5
Model for library 6

The perfect combination of state-of-the-art hardware, software, and automated editing technology

StyleShoots Live

StyleShoots Live
Model photography

StyleShoots Live is the perfect tool to capture basic model images of different models in various poses. Thanks to smart presets to save light and camera, you can extend and adjust your model library as you go. For consistent, hassle-free content creation over time. 

StyleShoots Vertical

StyleShoots Vertical
Mannequin photography

Use Vertical to capture mannequin shots with ease. With consistent light settings between Live and Vertical, you’ shoot your whole collection in a fraction of the time it would take using a model. From Vertical, you can directly export your image selection to POS3D.

POS3D by Bright River

Bright River’s POS3D
Automated editing workflow

Your images are automatically distributed to skilled editors for maximum production speed. The garment is then combined with your model, retouched, and quality-checked. Like this, we ensure ready-to-upload pro-quality content for your online shop.

Schedule a demo

A personalized demo gives you a thorough understanding of how POS3D for StyleShoots can help you to redefine model imagery for your business. Please fill in the short form below to get in touch with us.

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